How we approach our work can best be described through our core values:


Buildsmart Constructions is a business built for success. We have a great, professional team who are committed to build beyond industry standards. Our work is of the highest quality and built to last decades after the project is finished. We source sub-trades who are also committed to excellence.

Client Focused

We embrace our clients as part of our project team and work together to add genuine value to all projects undertaken. We want our clients to feel glad that they chose us for their project.  Some points of difference we offer include:

  • Always being open-minded and operating with a can-do attitude. We work with clients and the project team to make the client’s ideas a reality;
  • Work with clients and designers to find high-quality solutions to construction details that hadn’t been documented in the design;
  • Providing a range of project and contract management options to suit our client’s situation, including: fixed-price contracts, fixed-to-lock-up, cost-plus contracts, and cost-plus-to-lock-up.


By being honest, fair-minded and reliable we build valued, long lasting relationships with our clients and colleagues. Our clients and the people we work with put their trust in us because we do what we say we are going to do and because we take responsibility for our work. Our approach is transparent and upfront so everyone we deal with can be certain of the result. It’s important that the entire project team’s work, including all sub-contractors, meet or exceed client expectations.


At Buildsmart Constructions, environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our core values.  We are dedicated to environmentally responsible and resource-efficient building practices. We believe quality workmanship and material selection are integral to the creation of a sustainable built environment.


We recognise that construction can be a hazardous business, and as such have implemented a “zero tolerance” for unsafe work practices. The safety of our clients, workers and the public is of absolute importance to us. We are committed to the highest standards of safety, always.